our values

An ambition for success - We are determined to be the leader in global private law tutoring and to be at the top of the profession in each area of law we teach. Our aim is to be regarded as one of the world's leading private law tutoring companies.

Exceeding clients' expectations - We are committed to helping our clients achieve academic excellence by providing focused legal education of the highest quality that will consistently exceed their expectations.

Global standards of excellence - We ensure we can help our clients by combining the highest quality of global legal talent and maintaining the highest standards of legal research.

An approachable and adaptable team - We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork as we possess an open and creative style. We expect our law tutors to be flexible and to have the desire and drive to embrace new experiences and challenges.

Strength through diversity - We are proud of our reputation of academic and professional excellence and we most certainly value the diversity of the people and cultures within our company. In this company people succeed according to their merits.

Thinking ahead - Staying at the forefront of global legal education requires a vision, a willingness to share ideas and a desire to form views on issues of importance. We have the confidence to challenge contemporary thinking and push boundaries.

Investing in talent - To deliver on our promise to our clients, we recruit and develop the cream of the crop. We truly believe that, by delivering excellent client service, we will be involved in the most intriguing and challenging work in diverse areas of law that would satisfy our intellectual appetite.

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