The Bar Transfer Test (BTT) enables foreign qualified lawyers to have the opportunity to transfer to the Bar of England and Wales, without having to undergo the full course of education and training as required in the Academic Stage (Qualifying Law Degree or conversion course) and the Vocational Stage (Bar Professional Training Course). The Bar Transfer Test (BTT) consists of two sections, the first section assesses the legal foundation modules like: Public Law (Constitutional, Administrative Law and Human Rights), Law of the European Union, Criminal Law, Obligations (Contract, Restitution and Tort), Property Law, Equity and the Law of Trusts, English Legal System. The second part consists of pervasive legal practice oriented modules like: Advocacy; (Oral assessments consisting Civil applications, Cross examination and Examination in Chief), Civil Litigation and Evidence, Criminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing and Professional Ethics. BTT candidates also need to join an Inn and attend a number of qualifying sessions as a requirement of the BTT and they can expect waivers with respect to (some or all of) the foundation subjects if the Bar Standards Board (BSB) is satisfied that they have studied these sufficiently in their earlier degree.

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