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By reaching PhD level, you are at the pinnacle of your chosen field. A select few individuals excel so far as to be suitable for a PhD and gain acceptance from a university. However, once you have embarked on this life-changing journey, the path can be a difficult one and that is where London Law Tutor can elevate your pursuit of academic excellence.

A PhD requires the ability to streamline your research skills to a precise and efficient art. Equally, the work you do must be accurate and of a quality so high that publishing houses and journal editors would accept it with open arms. London Law Tutor can assist you on your PhD in a number of ways, these include:

  • Help from the earliest stage of your academic journey with assistance in reviewing and drafting your proposals and university applications for securing a place and for the all-important scholarship.
  • The provision of highly-tailored tuition that examines the deep intricacies of your chosen field of study.
  • The provision of a “research hub” where one or more of our team can be assigned to assist you in ensuring you have a vast quantity and unmatchable quality of research.
  • A drafting facility providing model answers that give you an insight into the structure and quality of content expected in a PhD or MPhil thesis.
  • A tried and tested proofreading service that ensures your work is checked thoroughly by those who aim for nothing less than perfection

Our team of experienced and highly-talented tutors and writers are on hand to make your experience as a PhD candidate both enjoyable and intellectually fruitful.

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