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Our expertise as a company span several common law juridsictions, with a team of academics and legal practitioners who are qualified to practice law in multiple jurisdictions, we offer personalised tutoring courses to prepare students planning to practice law in numerous jurisdictions. Our Prep Courses for Bar Exams are offered not only in person in London but also online globallly. We also provide international residential tutor placements so your bar exam tutor can travel to you and stay there until you are certain of the subject matter and comfortable with its application. The bar exams we tutor students for are listed below, this is a non-exhaustive list, please get in touch if your jurisdiction is not listed as we still might be able to assist due to our strong network of global collabortations.

US Bar Exam Tutors - New York Bar Exam - California Bar Exam - Michigan Bar Exam - Uniform Bar Exam - Multistate Bar Exam - Multistate Professional Responsiblity Exam

Canadian Bar Exams Tutors for the Ontario Bar Exam - NCA Exams Prep Tutors for International Lawyers aiming to qualify as legal practitioners in Canada.

LLT helps you in passing the bar exam which empowers your professional credentials and gives you the capability to interact with a global clientele confidently. New York and California operate an encouraging policy of allowing foreign law students or qualified lawyers in home jurisdictions to sit their respective bar exams because there are no restrictions to admission on grounds of nationality or residence. However, it is indeed imperative that law students ensure they have ample information before commencing the process of applying to sit the bar exams. Students are not required to read and memorise cases or statutes but exams are tailored to judge the students’ ability to indulge into critical thinking with their legal hats on. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our consultants.

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