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Exam revision is almost always intense, and it does take time to grasp and consolidate knowledge gained throughout the academic year. Therefore, one must always bear in mind that it is usually helpful to commence revision as early as possible (the early bird catches the worm). When exam time is nearing the horizon, you will not panic but rather be calm and composed because you have done the requisite work and prepared accordingly. Much time can be spent mastering case law, academic commentary and legislation but if you do not understand the substance of the concepts then you will not achieve the desired outcomes. The most effective method to test your revision and preparation is by answering a past exam paper. The best way to truly analyse your exam preparation is by undertaking a serious and strictly timed attempt at the all the questions on the exam. Once you have answered the past exam, you can certainly use our marking, proofreading and feedback service which would prove invaluable in elevating your confidence and legal writing skills to the next level.


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